Welcome to Accolade Furniture!

Accolade provides custom furniture for people with refined tastes and a desire for individual style. We specialize in high quality, handcrafted solid wood furniture for every room in the house.

Some people are perfectly content having cookie cutter furniture designed for the masses, Accolade Furniture is solid wood furniture designed especially for you.

If you have certain look that you love or a particular style in mind, we will try and make your individual idea a reality.

Accolade Furniture · Classic Elegance · Artistic Simplicity

The ways we make your furniture:

Your furniture requirement is completed in one of three ways:

1. You may want a piece of furniture as seen in our gallery section. These are our standard pieces.

2. You may have a design and want it made. We will price it and custom manufacture it for you.

3. You may have a need but have no idea how to fill it. We will design the work to your satisfaction- then make it.

But life isn't always as easy as 1-2-3. Your situation may be a mixture. Ask us! We can work with you to a succesful conclusion.

Would you like to order something, or do you have any questions?

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